We have been proudly serving the community of Richmond, B.C. since 2001.  Our two locations provide a curriculum that blends the teachings of Maria Montessori, Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences while following BC govt regulations.  Focusing on children in ages of 30 months to five years old, Kiddyland provides a safe and secure environment that allows your child to develop to their fullest potential.

Linguistic Intelligence

is the ability to think in words and use language to express ideas.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

 is the ability to calculate, measure, use logic and solve math and science problems.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

is the ability to use bodies and hands with great skill.

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

is the ability to think in pictures and to see and create images or designs with shape, colour and size.

Musical Intelligence

is the ability to hear and use pitch, rhythm and tone.

Interpersonal Intelligence

is the ability to understand and interact with other people in a variety of ways.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

is the ability to understand your feelings and who you are in the world.

Program Schedule

Kiddyland is open Monday–Friday from 8am-5:30pm

Please note that Kiddyland is closed for all statutory holidays and may be closed during other times of the year.




Hello Kiddyland teachers, 


Thank you for all your hard work in teaching Heywood in his early childhood literacy skills. He learned how to read simple books under the loving care of all the dedicated Kiddyland teachers. Heywood is now going into grade 1 but reading at a grade 3 level. Hilary can also read simple three-letter words and read simple sentences. I am very grateful to Kiddyland for nurturing and teaching my children. 

Heywood wrote a simple book review and it got published on Richmond News. 


Thank you, 




Over roughly the 2 years Jesse attended Kiddyland, he has learned so much from all the teachers. The teachers have recognized that he is unique in the class and have offered him a specialized curriculum to keep him engaging in the classroom. He was so happy to learn something new all the time, like additions, subtractions, multiplications divisions, and phonics. We can’t image how much extra time and effort the teachers have spent in order to prepare the “extra” teaching materials for Jesse each day. We are also grateful about Kiddyland's great communications including parent conferences, pictures on the website, and newsletter. 


We are truly thankful to have Jesse attended Kiddyland.


Yours sincerely,

Wendy & Alan 



Hello Ms. Hana, Jim and Kiddyland staff,

The time Ava has spent at Kiddyland could not have been more special and we will be forever grateful to all of you.

This experience has had a tremendous positive impact on Ava and has set herself up to looking very forward, excited and being confident in her upcoming elementary learning and social environments.

We wish all of you and your students the very best.

Thank you,
Phil, Maricel, Chelsea and Ava.


Dear Hana, Jim and Teachers of Kiddyland 

We are very grateful for your exceptional education

which had greatly and positively shaped Yuhan & Yujing in their character & intellectual development. As an ex-Investment Banker and  an ex- educator of competitive young pianists; your philosophy and rich curriculum resonate with our beliefs drawn from our life experiences. We are very touched by your commitment and painstaking efforts in executing what you preach, delivering such excellent qualities beyond our expectations.


We hope that by sharing our thoughts, many more parents & kids would benefit from the wonderful Kiddyland experience just as we fortunately did.


Your exceptionalism, graciousness and kindness will

always linger in our minds.


 With sincere blessings to all of you,

  Song & Jo




Hi Kiddyland teachers,

 I really own you all a big hug!

Aden is a lucky boy.  It has been such a honour and luck for him being able to be part of the Kiddyland family this summer.
It's amazing how he "run" to school everyday with a big smile on his face and how happily he told me what he'd learnt in shcool.  He still mentions the teachers and friends in Kiddyland.  I bet this will be one of his best memory in his childhood.


When he saw his friends in rainbow fish play apparel, his eyes were full of "stars" .
I bet Ms. Pat works very hard on the kids pronouncation.  Great job :)


Thanks and love you all


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